Very strong resilience in the international market of power tools products

Time:2012-12-12 02:15:15
Power tools in China's exports accounted for 70 to 80% of world sales of power tools, has become the main electric tools manufacturing and exporter in the world. At present, China's upper hand in the international market is:

International scale, produced according to the international scale organizations

At present, China has established 120 scale, with the international standards, convergence and coordination of power tools scale system, constitutes a technical support system for exports of all kinds of electric tools; implementation of international scale and foreign advanced scale strategy, various power tools product safety, electromagnetic compatibility international scale. International scale and abroad to improve the procurement of the predecessors-scale organization of raw materials, components, accessories, produced with modern manufacturing technology and processing through the introduction of technology, to strengthen online testing and improve the quality of governance system, so that the products reach the international scale level recognized by the market.

International scale power tools product structure adjustment, the formation of a class II electric tools, design and manufacture of more than 200 varieties of contemporary international standards and specifications of more than 400 hand-held, portable, battery-operated power tools products, and expand the power tools applications, both the DIY (do-it-yourself) class power tools, but also professional power tools, the formation of a strong market adaptability.

Independent certification, maintenance and consulting organizations adapt to market service businesses

The formation of the independent certification body to adapt to market and service enterprises, maintenance organizations, consulting and training institutions and other entities, the services of third-party intermediaries to market access in global economic integration. Measurement and test results of scientific research supporting the detection of electrical appliances is the first batch of internationally recognized CB laboratory to establish bilateral and multilateral data exchange relationships with many of the world's famous laboratory, power tools products at home and abroad certification is fair and equitable, powerful tycoons third party intermediary technology service organizations.

Products cheap, low-end to occupation of the international electric tools products market

Of power tools product has lower capital and the home and the price of labor is lower, so that the product price is relatively low, only about 1/3 of the price of similar foreign products have strong competitiveness in the international market. Electric tools manufacturing industry in recent years through the adoption of international scale and foreign advanced scale massive technological innovation, the use of modern information technology manufacturing technology formed the production capacity of the economies of scale of the power tools products, power switch, commutator, interference restrain components, connectors, non-reclosing the power cord and drill chucks, knives, cutlery and other power tools hub parts, accessories formed a professional production, making the basic power tools products in China occupies the low end of the international power tools products market.